I am Karl

This is what I do.

The What and the Where, and maybe The Why

1. I love photography

So much so, that I often get paid for it. You can find that work here: karl.pics. Weddings, Concerts, Sports, and Special Events are my favorites, but I am always up for other challenges. I also use photography as an expression of myself. I would recommend my Instagram to see a little of that.

2. I drive a Jeep

How can you tell who owns a Jeep? They'll tell you. There are many ways to see the land around us, to explore and learn from. I simply like to do that in a Jeep. When it can go no further, on foot. Camping and hiking go hand in hand with this.

3. I have a day job.

And a side gig. And another side gig. And a family that contains 3 kids and 3 cats.  Someone should teach me about work/life balance. But enough about me, here are some links to what else I do:

Reef Parking

Illuminati Lights and Strobes

if pictures had motion

I sometimes make videos.